European Joint Research Centre, Ispra  (JRC Ispra)

At the beginning of the 1960s, JRC Ispra in Italy was founded as a joint research centre of the European Commission. The changed aims and the natural ageing have led to many of these nuclear facilities no longer being suitable and/or necessary. These facilities comprise, among other things, experimental reactors, hot cells and radiochemical units as well as number of disposal plants and stores for radioactive waste. These plants have now to be decommissioned and the radioactive waste accumulated is to be eliminated.

As the basis for these tasks to be carried out over the next two decades, Babcock Noell Nuclear worked out a strategy for the future approach. After stocktaking of the actual status, for each of the different plants its own strategy was developed and the quantities of waste were determined. On the basis of these data, an overall strategy was developed in which, among other things, the time-schedule and logical order of the individual measures was defined. Moreover, a cost estimate as well as the definition of the necessary storage for the decommissioning waste was carried out; the above mentioned data are the basis for the long-term budgetary planning.



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