Design and Approval Planning

The aim of this planning is the determination of data and information on the basis of which the approval application is submitted. In decommissioning this includes the determination of the actual condition, work sequences and step sequence plans. Furthermore, information on radiation protection measures and collective dose as well as residue treatment including packaging and storage is compiled.

Design and approval planning starts from the feasibility study. With reference to fire protection and fire protection facilities, the equipment and devices necessary for dismantling as well as the dismantling sequence are described and planned and a dedailled schedule is developed.

Finally the results are: 
  • Technical descriptions
  • Drawings
  • Calculations
  • Flowcharts

Babcock Noell Nuclear carried out the design and approval planning for the plants Niederaichbach, THTR, Lingen, as well as the TRIGA reactor of Hanover Medical University .


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