Double-Lid Lock Systems

Double-lid transfer locks make possible the inward and outward transfer of radioactive materials and contaminated items with separation of the airflows of the lock areas (hot end / cold end) and avoiding the spreading of contamination between these areas.

During the transfer process a vessel with vessel closure in place on it is pressed tight up against the contamination-free end (cold end) of the lock. After that the vessel lid is connected mechanically to the lid of the fuel transfer tube so tightly by means of a gripping system on the fuel transfer tube lid that after the unlocking and opening of the lock lid, i.e. during swivelling into the contaminated space (hot end), the underside of the lock lid and the upper side of the vessel lid are protected against contamination. Then the vessel can be filled with contaminated substances or they can be removed from the vessel.

During the closing of the lock, the vessel lid is again placed tightly on the vessel and the lock lid is again placed tightly on the lock opening and locked. After that, the lock lid and the vessel lid are separated again. After the lowering of the vessel, the outer sides of the lock (cold end), vessel and vessel lid are free of contamination.

Double-lid locks for waste containers holding 85 litres / 100 litres / 200 litres / 400 litres / with special dimensions as individual or combined locks. 

Waste container with lid (lid with / without clamping system), container transfer car, handling and lifting equipment

Small part transfer tubes (Syntax locks) for lock vessels with nominal diameters of 50 mm / 142 mm / 210 mm / 295 mm / with special dimensions as individual or combined locks

Lock vessels with lids, pressing-down devices, shielding containers



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