Remote Handling System for Precision Positioning

For the electron-positron storage ring, LEP, at the European nuclear research center, CERN, in Geneva, 1640 dipole magnets with a weight of 12 tons needed to be installed. The required tolerance for positioning of the magnets was 0,1 mm.

The Lobster designed by Babcock Noell Nuclear is a three-wheeled vehicle with a driving motor and 4 motors for the positioning of the dipole magnets.

Technical Data:

Total weight: 3,000 kg
Load capacity: 6,500 kg
Vertical motion of the hook
± 50 mm
Accuracy 0.01 mm
Horizontal motion of the hook
± 5 mm
Accuracy 0.01 mm
Rotation of cantilever about
± 100°
Accuracy 1 mrad
Rotation of the hook about the
+ 55 °
Accuracy 0.1 mrad


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