Manipulators for Dismantling

Manipulator for Niederaichbach NPP

For the remote controlled dismantling of nuclear power plants, manipulators, manipulator carrier systems and special tools are necessary.

The dismantling of activated internals in Niederaichbach NPP was successful executed with a Manipulator with special tools developed by Babcock Noell Nuclear.

Technical characteristics:

Carrying power: 3 to
Total weight 15,6 to
Sweep range of grab

Below annular girder 8,1 m x 10,1 m

Above annular girder  8,1 m x  1,9 m
Special tools : up to 40 off
Total motor power: 20,9 KW
Total overall height: 17,3 m
Annular girder: 6,71 m


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