Manipulator Carrier Systems

For carrying out dismantling work within the scope of decommissioning of the fuel reprocessing plant at Karlsruhe Research Centre, for dismantling work in the cells a manipulator carrier system with manipulator was required.

The manipulator carrier system designed and supplied by Babcock Noell Nuclear, consists of a crane bridge with traversing gears and drives and serves as operation platform for further tools. On the crane bridge the crab with a 5 t rope hoisting gear is located. On the lower block of the hoisting gear a traversing coupling for the remote-controlled location of the manipulator or of other tools is arranged. The power supply of the manipulator is effected via the manipulator carrier system by means of a horizontal and vertical cable storage device. On the underside of the crane bridge a movable auxiliary hoist (carrying capacity 0.5 t) is mounted. With its help auxiliary devices and tools can be put into position.

In the event of the failure or the disturbance of individual components, retrieval of the manipulator carrier system is possible with the help of existing retrieval equipment. From a control room, the manipulator carrier system is remote-controlled and monitored by video cameras 

Babcock Noell Nuclear has already supplied, apart from the device described, other manipulator carrier systems, including those for the Gorleben pilot conditioning plant and the dismantling of the nuclear powerplant Niederaichbach..



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