Automatic-driven Transportsystems for the Transportation of the Super-conducting Magnets (CTU & STU)

For the transportation of various super-conducting magnets for the LHC accelerator ring at the international research center Cern (Geneva), BNN supplied the CTU and STU, which are transport vehicles controlled by an optical track guiding system.

The transportation units CTU and STU consist of 2 control vehicles at the beginning and end of the unit, with the intermediate trailer with transport, lifting and unloading equipment, on which the magnets are placed.

Technical Data:

max. magnet length: 16 m
magnet diameter: ca. 1 m
max. magnet weight: ca. 32 to
max. vehicle width: 1 m
max. vehicle height: 0,5 m
max. vehicle speed: 3 km/h
max. possible slope: 3 %


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