Oval Pipe Cutter

For a dismantling task in the reactor of the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble two manually operated internal pipe cutting devices were developed. (Oval pipe cutter and internal pipe milling device ) A special challenge was the cutting of a tube with an oval cross-section. Also for this purpose, Babcock Noell Nuclear developed the appropriate problem solution.

The complete milling head with drive was installed onto Triplex type chains, with which the feed motion was made. The milling head was guided by two sliding rails, formed according to the tube outlining.

Work routine:

  • Insert the oval pipe cutting equipment into the pipe
  • Clampin within the pipe
  • Cutting
  • Removal of the cut pipe with the cutting tool

Technical data:

pipe dimension:
max. wall thickness:
65 mm x 1.020 mm
70 mm


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