Moderator Tank for the Munich II Research Reactor (FRM- II)

For the moderator tank of the FRM - II, Babcock Noell Nuclear carried out the design and calculation with reference to the special manufacturing specifications.

Both in the case of the material and in fabrication for various reasons special approaches were needed: almost all parts of the tank, incl. the shell sections, were made from forged parts. All of the connection nozzles were together with the flanges turned from round rods. The gross weight of the forged parts was approx. 90 t. The finished tank weighed only approx. 17 t. As welding methods almost exclusively electron beam welding was used (gap-free without filler metal in a vacuum chamber).

The dimensions of the tank are approx.. 2.5 m in diameter and approx. 7 m in height.

The FRM-II replaces the well-known "Atomic egg", the first nuclear plant in Germany. With it, the Technical University of Munich has the most modern neutron source in the world.



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