Conditioning of Core Scrap

Underwater shear
For the dismantling and volume-reduced packing of activated core parts from boiling water reactors and pressurized water reactors Babcock Noell Nuclear built and operated underwater shears (UWS).

The UWS presses the components and cuts them into approx. 100 mm long sections, which are collected in a basket. A system own water purification prevents spread of crud outside of the fuel element storage pool. The UWS is operated with demineralized water proofed hydraulic system.

Underwater shears for

Mühleberg NPP (CH)
Leibstadt NPP
Gundremmingen NPP KRB A
VAK Kahl

Technical characteristics:

Water hydraulic system 160 bar
Pressing and cutting force 900 KN
Own water filtration

Cutting capacity until now

Fuel element boxes  1200
Control rods 122
Control rod guide tubes 21


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