General Contractor Work & Services

Babcock Noell has carried out a large number of major projects as a general contractor.

Commissioning a general contractor has numerous advantages for you as the customer. That is why it is the preferred form involving major complex projects. Responsibility from a single source ensures that you as the customer are provided with rapid, safe, low-cost and low-risk handling of your project.

Just to name one or two of these projects:

Babcock Noell furnishes these and other services as the. 

Babcock Noell executes these projects from the concept planning until installation and commissioning or dismantling to a green field with own personnel.

It is advantageous in the case of dismantling projects for the general contractor to be entered in the existing approval processes as joint approval holder. Approval applications are forwarded jointly with the approval holder and responsibility from the point of view of the atomic energy law is jointly borne.


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