Babcock Noell is the centre of competence for Nuclear Technology with world-wide responsibility inside the Babcock Borsig Group.

More than 30 years of experience, as well as co-operating closely with research establishments, makes us a competent partner in nuclear technology. With approx. 200 employees, mainly in the field of engineering, our performance covers a wide range of areas from development and design to operation of the equipment supplied by us.

Babcock Noell is an experienced and long-term partner for owners and operators of nuclear installations in the case of modernisation or up-grade of nuclear power plants. We have extensive experience in the execution of repair work using remote-controlled cutting and welding procedures on the nozzles of reactor pressure vessels and piping systems.

With the project "Shut down of the nuclear ship Otto Hahn" at the end of the ‘70s Babcock Noell established a promising position in dismantling thermonuclear plants. The projects that followed were "Dismantling of the thermonuclear power station at Niederaichbach to a green field site" and "Establishment of safe enclosure for the high temperature reactor Hamm-Uentrop”. These projects were executed with Babcock Noell as general contractor. Further general contacting orders were then granted to Babcock Noell. With the successfully completed start-up of the pilot conditioning plant at Gorleben in 1999, Babcock Noell has proven that the planning and construction of large thermonuclear installations for the disposal of nuclear waste is in careful and experienced hands.

Babcock Noell started with the development of large super-conducting magnetic systems for high-energy physics and fusion experiments in the early ‘90s. Currently work is being performed on contracts for the series magnets of the fusion experiment W 7-X and for the Hadron - Collider LHC at the CERN research centre in Geneva. High investments in production and coil-assembly facilities have been made for this purpose. Magnetic technology is therefore gaining in importance for Babcock Noell GmbH.

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