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Nuclear Service


Nuclear Technology

Planning Services

Plants, Components and Equipment

  • Spin-off projects

Carrying out Shutdown, Dismantling and Waste Conditioning

General Ccontractor Work and Services

  • Project, site and startup management
  • Approval procedures
  • Technical engineering coordination
  • Scheduling and progress control
  • Quality management
  • Documentation
  • Implementation and detail planning
  • Contract awards / procurement
  • Own technical skills in planning and constructing major lots
  • Technical services

Magnet Technology

Magnets and Components for Fusion Experiments

  • Super-conducting Non-planar Modular Field Coils for the Stellarator Fusion Experiment WENDELSTEIN 7-X, IPP Greifswald
  • Trim Coil for WENDELSTEIN 7-X
  • Super-conducting Model Coil TFMC for the Fusion Experiment ITER (Tokamak Type)
  • DEMO - Coil for the Fusion Experiment WENDELSTEIN 7-X
  • Study of the Long-time Behaviour of the Toroidal Field Coils of the Fusion Experiment JET
  • Hard Core for the Spanish Stellarator Experiment TJ II

Magnets and Components for High-Energy Physics Systems

  • Study for FAIR
  • Production of the Super-conducting Dipoles for the LHC Acclerator, CERN, Geneva
  • Production of a Complete Prototype Dipole and of Dipole Components for the LHC Accelerator.
  • 15 m Prototype Cryostats for the LHC Dipole Magnets
  • 120 Cryostats and 233 Correcting Magnets for the Super-conducting Quadrupole Magnets for the HERA Accelerator

Custom Products

Specialized Tools

  • Winding Form for the Production of the Non-planar Coils for the Wendelstein 7-X Experiment
  • Gantry Winding Machine for the Manufacture of the 15 m-long Coils for the LHC Dipoles
  • Hydraulic Press for the Manufacture of Long Deflection Magnets, CERN

Environment Technology

  • Engineering, delivery and comlete installation of flue gas cleaning systems.
  • Design of absorber and tanks for flue gas desulphurization plants in steel, stainless steel or FRP
  • Engineering, supply and erection of flue gas path components
  • Individual services such as structural analysis and dynamic calculations
  • After-sale-services such as rehabilitation measures for materials (e.g. flue gas inlet)
  • Spare parts: nozzles, mist eliminators or wet film contacts
  • Process optimisation and retrofitting
  • Consultation as to materials issues and welding technology
  • Process- and Control Engineering inklusive system development for combustion plants
  • Incineration control system for new and existing plants (e.g. waste incineration)